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Hi, I'm Ryan

While everyone is always asking, "can we make the logo bigger?" I like to ask, "can we make everything else better?" I've taken this approach throughout my career, bringing clients big and small results, no matter the project.


As part of campaigns or standalone projects, I've worked on TV, print, OOH, direct mail, email, social media, online and mobile ads, rebrands and creating whole-scale corporate identities, POS and retail theatre, experiential and event marketing, UX, and even pro sports partnerships and arena signage (bucket list projects for me). 


Random fun fact:  I was once nominated for a Canadian Country Music award, and although I didn't win (or can even sing a note) - I've won many other industry acclamations over the years.

On top of all this, I'm also a certified UX Designer versed in accessible design. I guess you could say I'm an expert in making sites for sore eyes. (I’ll stop with the dad jokes if you ask nicely. Contact me)


Who I've helped

I have been lucky to work with brands like Air Miles, Shell, BMO, Rogers and many more to help create experiences in their channels. As Senior Art Director at Air Miles, my partner and I act as the  Custodian/Gatekeeper of the client brand, voice, tone, look & feel.


AIR Miles logo.png

Helping you is my calling

Technically, I’d prefer if you emailed or used the form on this page, but I won’t turn down a chance to talk shop, shoes, old-school wrestling, or whatever else. 


Looking forward to working to provide you with tailored creative solutions. No pun intended.

Thanks for submitting!


& Recognition

As they say in sports, (and unfortunately not advertising): banners fly forever.

Certificate of
User Experience Design